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about us

hello, beautiful!

We’re Candice and Lindsey, the dynamic duo behind Freebird Beauty Co., and we’re excited to share a bit about us. Together with our fantastic team of hairstylists and makeup artists, we bring over 20 years of collective experience to the beauty industry, making passion the beating heart of our brand.

Beyond our expertise, our commitment extends to making every beauty journey a stress-free and enjoyable experience. Our joy comes from the magic that happens when we empower individuals to feel their absolute best during life’s most precious moments; all that’s required is for you to show up and feel beautiful.

Creating a welcoming and inclusive space is at the core of Freebird Beauty Co. It’s not just a business; it’s a manifestation of our commitment to authenticity and personalized beauty experiences. Our partnership has been a harmonious journey, adding layers of creativity and expertise to our brand. Together, we bring forth a dynamic approach to beauty, creating looks that resonate with individual personalities and leave a lasting impact.

The name Freebird Beauty encapsulates our philosophy—a celebration of natural beauty. Nature serves as our muse, influencing our colour palette and inspiring our artistry. Our specialty lies in enhancing your innate beauty, creating looks that reflect authenticity with subtle pops of colour.

We can’t express how thrilled we are to become an integral part of your beauty journey, where every step is a collaborative celebration of your individuality.

See you in the chair!

Candice & Lindsey

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