Our team understands the importance of your wedding day, so it would have to be a real emergency/illness for them not to show up.
That said, life happens, so we have protocol in place for the rare event that this would occur:
We would send another team member or refund you for the services that were not provided.
Since we have a large team, we would do our best to send another stylist or artist. We would share your hair & makeup trial photos with the new team members so they could still bring your vision to life. In the EXTREMELY rare event that a stylist/artist is unable to attend and fulfill the contract, and we cannot fill the gap with another member of our team, we would refund your fees for any services that could not be performed.
We want to reiterate the unlikelihood of this happening and reassure you that we would very likely be able to figure out a solution should “the worst-case scenario” happen.