Great question!

1. WINDOWS: If possible, we would prefer to set up near any windows that have great natural night pouring in.

1. ENVIRONMENT: For the best hair & makeup results in the warmer months, an air-conditioned space is best so everyone stays cool and your hair/makeup is able to set as it should. Rooms that are too warm or too humid can cause your hair or skin to react unfavourably.

2. CHAIRS: Each of our stylists will need a chair. Sometimes the MUA brings her own higher chair; if not, a bar stool-type chair is preferred. For the hairstylist, a regular-height chair with a low back is best.

3. SPACE: We bring A LOT of products and tools with us to create your wedding-ready looks! Please clear a space on a table or desk (with access to an electrical outlet) where we can lay out our kits. We suggest an area that will be away from the food – no one wants to eat in a room clouded with hairspray!

4. GRATUITIES: If you wish to tip your stylists, we recommend putting cash in an envelope and giving it directly to them. **Gratuities are always accepted but never expected.**